Q. What is Open House Party?

A. Open House Party is, literally, a giant party broadcast nationally over the radio. Every weekend John Garabedian and Kannon throw a party. Superstar guests stop by each week to perform live, talk directly to their fans, and of course party with the OHP crew!

Q. When can I hear Open House Party?

A. Open House Party airs every Saturday and Sunday night live from 7 to midnight Eastern and Mountain time, 6-11 PM Central and Pacific time.

Q. Is it true that the studio is really in John's basement?

A. Yes. John has a complete basement studio, and when the show is over, he continues to party and then heads upstairs to sleep. Q. I hear people screaming in the background. Are people really partying each week with John, Kannon, and the guest stars?

A. Yes, those are real people you are hearing; no sound tracks. Each weekend dozens of people stop by to party and hang out with the stars.

Q. I hear different versions of my favorite songs on Open House Party. Can I buy those versions?

A. Open House Party always tries very hard to play the best versions of every song. We receive exclusive remixes from record labels, artists, remixers, and some of the world's best disc jockeys. Sometimes the artist themselves tell us they have not even heard some of the remixes of their songs which we play! Often these versions are not available to the public for purchase. However, if you call Open House Party at 800-669-1010 to make a request, we will play whatever version you request.

Q. How is the music programmed on Open House Party?

A. Unlike any other radio station in the country, Open House Party is programmed 100% by the listeners of the show. We really are THE ALL-REQUEST OPEN HOUSE PARTY! Unlike nearly every radio station, computers are not scheduling all the music in advance. The next song is picked, based on listener requests, usually while the previous song is still being played.

Q. Why is this better?

A. It makes the music immediately responsive to what people want to hear on Saturday or Sunday night when they are in a party mood, not computer generated from sales, radio spin, or callout research which is two weeks old. This allows us to respond to happening, hot new music, while avoiding songs which are tired and burned out. It also is more "organic", which means the flow and balance of songs is chosen based on sound, rather than computer assigned categories.

Q. What is the number to call to request my favorite song?

A. 1-800-669-1010 Q. When I call Open House Party, to request a song, will I talk to John or Kannon and be heard on the radio?

A. Open House Party has phone operators who answer the request lines. John and Kannon talk to as many listeners as possible throughout the show. However, they cannot answer every call. Do not worry though; they see every request that is called in.

Q. I have won a prize on Open House Party. When will I receive it?

A. Open House Party makes every effort to send prizes as fast as possible. Winners should receive their prizes within two weeks.

Q. How does Open House Party arrange to have all the biggest stars come to the show?

A. Open House Party has a team of people that book guests each week. We work closely with record labels and artist managers. After the artists visit once, they usually want to come back since they have so much fun. The first visit is usually scheduled by the artist management to be 30-45 minutes, but once the artist is in our studio, hanging out with cool people, talking to listeners, and partying they don't want to leave.

Q. Do the guests ever talk to listeners?

A. Yes! Open House Party loves to have fans talk to their favorite artists as much as possible and the artists love to talk to their fans. Call 800-669-1010 when you hear your favorite artist on the show. If the lines are busy keep trying!

Q. What are the artists really like?

A. Most artists are nice down to earth people. They eat the same pizza that John and the OHP crew eat and, during the winter have had snowball fights with OHP staff members or other people at the party. However, as you might expect, there are occasionally artists who have their diva moments!